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Unique Color Suggestions for Painting Bedroom in Orlando Fl

When you walk inside your bedroom, what type of feeling it sends out? Do you feel comfortable and ready for a relaxing sleep after a long day at work? Or do you sleep on the couch of your living room often? No matter whatever it is, your bedroom paint color can make a great difference on your mood. Therefore, choosing the right one really matters!

If you want to make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary, consider following tips while seeking for an interior painter in Orlando FL. You’ll feel like you have the restful sleep next time when you wake up.

What to do before choosing a color?

One of the important steps you can consider when choosing a paint color is to go for colors that look soft or gentle than average. However, a soft green, sky blue or light lavender color can help you exude a comfortable haven, making it quite easier to get a good night’s rest.

While choosing a color, you have to choose only one without including many. Picking out a color is perfect, only if the wall isn’t behind your bed. If you use an accent wall, you can go for combo.
After that, choose a glossy finish to make your room much calmer so that it will invoke a great difference when you want to relax after a long day.

Color Selection –

Thinking what to choose between neutral, pastels and bright colors? If yes, it comes down to your preference. The neutral colors are the safest options while the bright colors can be quite risky. If you want to create a good backdrop in bedroom, you can go for neutral colors like beige, ivory, grey and white. But all of them are quite boring. Therefore, you should choose them if you intend to use rugs, artwork or bedding to make the room popping.

However, pastels are good; as they are safe like neutral colors and exhibit bit more personality. Never use bright colors as they bring in energy and boldness rather than relaxation. So, this depends on your personality. If you want to have a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom, use the bold colors in rooms where your guests will be in.

How Do You Work with Your Current Room?

Prior to choosing your color, you have to consider important factors like the size of room, furniture and natural light.

If you have a small bedroom, you should have a lighter color as it appears larger. If it’s a larger one, you can use a darker one to make the room feel comfortable. Do you have several pieces of furniture that look dark? You can opt for a color that balances them properly.

After that, you have to consider the amount of natural light and windows. Natural light is something that makes the rooms feeling larger. So, you should remember this fact while choosing a color for bedroom. Do you want a professional opinion? Schedule a consultation with painters in Orlando FL to help you throughout the process.

Bottom line –

When you want to get your home painted by professionals, you should always rely on Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. We have professionally screened and vetted painters in Orlando FL to help you throughout your interior paint work. To know more about our painting services, please visit our website at

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Professional interior painting contractors to paint your home and office

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It feels good to come home to a freshly-painted home that not only looks fresh but feels new and clean. The negative effect on your home aesthetic can take place without you even knowing it. Without warning, your house becomes old and lived-in as dirt, scratches, and smudges appear on walls over time. It might lower your property value. So what do you do? The best step is to search the interior painting contractors Orlando to give your home interior a fresh coat of paint. The reputable and professional interior painting contractors in Orlando will make the job ease and make your home a lot more comfortable to live in. They help you make your home look as good as new again, and increase its value as well.

There are plenty of interior painting contractors out there in Orlando. But it is essential to find a reliable interior painting contractor that will do the job right at the first time and ensure it looks good and lasts for longer. Specialized interior painting contractors in Orlando can help in increasing the coziness, boosting mood, and enhancing the curb appeal of your home. As you know, your home is noticed by your guests, family, friends, neighbors, and potential buyers. That is why professional painting contractors are the right person to paint the interior of your house. They can help make sure that your home looks at its best, and it boosts your property value.

Interior painting comes in a variety of finishes, and the most common among them are matte, eggshell, satin, gloss finish. It is crucial to select the precise one depending on both your taste and the desired functionality. If you want to know the difference in these particular paints, interior painting contractors in Orlando will discuss the advantage and disadvantages of each color option and provide you with the best painting solution that truly meets with your choice.

Interior painting

Color is also essential, as the psychology of color is very much real! Your living room or bedroom or kitchen is where you prepare your food, or your family gathers together. So you must wish it to look and feel pleasant. One of the main aspects that influence your interior decor is the color on the walls. Picking the right painting for your rooms can be a headache if you aren’t sure what will be the best color that fits best to your home d├ęcor.

Every interior designer understands that it is the accents that truly make a room look and feel incredible. Professional interior painting contractors in Orlando have decades of experience painting your home. They will give all houses a total facelift, including a complete power wash, removing loose paint, sanding and priming raw surfaces, sealing cracks, and giving you a perfect finish. They can advise fresh ideas that make your house the neighbors envy while raising market value with a brand new coat of paints.

Are you looking for the top painting contractors in your area? You should choose Steve Johnson’s Painting Service as your ultimate interior painting contractor in Orlando. They are licensed, bonded, insured, and termed as a leading residential interior painter in Orlando. For high-quality, reliable painting services of your residential and commercial properties, call Steve Johnson’s Painting today at +1 (407) 679 0111! for more information read our blog .

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Few situations that need your home interior a fresh painting

Do you want to update the look of your home’s interior or add a unique flavor to your room? You have your interior walls painted for a handful of reasons. Your options may seem overwhelming. But don’t fret, painting your home’s interior is an opportunity to get creative. If you are one of them who is coming under one of these categories, then it might be the right time for you to give your abode a facelift. Trust on a reliable Orlando painting company and their exclusive painting service that can easily transform your property. 

Making Your Home Your Own

When you moved into your new home, it’s is evident that you can’t wait to make it your own. Perhaps you anticipate a renovation or improvements around to make it into your dream home. Rely on an expert Orlando painting company that can add a new color scheme which had been of your top the list. If you like to add some unique character or charm to the interior of your home, then it’s time to take the help of a reputed interior painting company in Orlando. They will take care of the rest.

Interior Painting

Damaged Surfaces

You have kids, dogs, and cats that running around your home and making the interior wall ugly or damaged. Also, you never know when the lid will fail as you shake a bottle of ketchup, spraying a fine mist of tomato-based condiment all over the ceiling. You need to patch them by applying a coat of paint to it, or you may have to repaint your home.


Faded Colors


UV exposure and bright light can change the color of the walls and damage the interior painting. Few colors grow darker with its age and need to be lightening up. Paints are vulnerable to harsh sunlight and discolored with time. It will end up making the paint surface looking strange instead of smooth and uniform. If you notice odd lines or fades forming on your walls, then you must need to take the help of an Orlando painting company that makes the thing spotless and shine. They also use modern paint that has been engineered to remain consistent and fade-free.

Painting services


Aging Paint


Paint doesn’t last forever, and it happens to your interior as well. If your wall last more than a decade, then you must identify aged signs over it. Small cracks on the surfaces, discoloration, and even chipping paint are some of the examples you might have observed. Even the best, wear-resistant paints age over time and too old to remain intact on the interior surfaces of your home! Hence the home interior will need to be painted every five to ten years. 




Regardless of the reason, Steve Johnson's Painting Service in Orlando is always here to paint your home interior. If you find that you’re dissatisfied with your surroundings, they are happy to revamp your home with a fresh coat of paint. To make the most of your homes’ interiors, give them a call today at +1 (407) 679 0111 to get a free estimate for your upcoming interior painting project!

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Why a professional painting company is essential for your dream home in Orlando?

Do you need to change the makeover of your home? Professional Orlando painting Company can do the right rejuvenation for your home. Interior painting trends are changing with times, and doing the painting at proper intervals will keep you stay up-to-date with the times.

Adding a fresh coat of paint brings excellent value to your home and makes it more attractive. Orlando painting Company painting is an absolutely quick and easy way to refresh your home. With expertise, skill experience, and dedication, they completely change the aura of your house. Most people wish to have their house painted because the old paint gets damaged due to adverse climate or passing of time. Mentioned here are a few reasons why painting is essential for your home.

One of the basic principles of interior painting is making every corner of home space as a focal point. It should be a unique interior painting that will instantly draw attention to the area. Also, it will give a positive sense to the viewer. It goes without saying that a great piece of home interior painting could quickly fulfill the thing you desire.

Interior painting

Increase the resale value of your home.

Painting your home interior will undoubtedly enhance the market value of your property. Both interior and exterior painting jobs can lead to generating a great ROI. A newly painted home attracts a higher number of buyers hence prove to be worth much more than your investment.

Boost visual appeal

Interior painting done by Orlando painting Company will upgrade the visual appeal of your home. There paint job make your home look fresh and vibrant and stand out in your neighborhood.

Update your style

Do you need to change the makeover of your home? Professional Orlando painting Company can do the right rejuvenation for your home. Interior painting trends are changing with times, and doing the painting at proper intervals will keep you stay up-to-date with the times.

Orlando painting Company

Keep Moisture Out

Mold on the wall may cause due to excess moisture in your home. It will lead to encouraging harmful mold and mildew growth and damage the surfaceat last. Painting your home at regular intervals can help protect against moisture damage, as well.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Professional Orlando painting Company creates a positive feel and a pleasant home atmosphere. Reputed Orlando painting Company uses low VOC, and zero VOC paints to promote healthy indoor air quality for you and your family. Hence will reduce odors and fumes after painting and make your home ready to leave instantly after painting.

Inexpensive remodel

Orlando painting Company provides you an economical method to renovate your home. If your home needs a fresh look, there is nothing better than an excellent painting job to refresh the environment. It is wise to take the initiative and get your house painted as soon as possible.

Hide the permanent staining and peeling

Peeling and cracking of walls look ugly and disturbing. A fresh coat of paint helps to prevent the stain and peeling of colors. The homeowner can remove or cover the permanent marks or stains that are difficult to remove. The high-quality paints will also keep dust, dirt, and peels stay at the bay. Wanted to change your walls from dull to stunning? Call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service in Orlando at +1 (407) 679 0111 and get the needed change without draining your pocket.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

How Do You Create a Right Color Scheme for Your Home?

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Do you consider interior paint work for your home in Orlando? Obviously, choosing a color scheme makes perfect sense. But it may seem a difficult task; but can be done when you know how to simplify things effortlessly. Here are a few tips you should consider to pick the right paint color for your home:

Choose a good base color

When it comes to choosing a base color, you should start with a room, which serves as a focal point in your home or the first room people see when they enter your home. Once you choose the room, you need to consider the colors of the items and find the color that you love and use it as your base color.

Build your palette

Create your palette once you know your base color. Use a color wheel and a paint deck and create three color schemes like neutral, complementary and monochrome. A complementary color scheme comprises of colors that work opposite to each other on the color wheel.

A monochrome palette consists of several colors that are similar to your base color. You have to use the paint deck to choose the base and pick three colors around it to create a properly-balanced palette. However, a neutral scheme allows your base color to stand out as the focal point dynamically.

Consider how color affects you

Colors have amazing impact on how people feel so ensure that you consider how the colors you choose affect you. You need to make sure that the colors you choose for a specific room should suit your preferences and requirements perfectly. For instance, the blue color helps in relaxing people and is used in bedrooms where you want to unwind yourself after a busy day at work.

House Painting Contractors

Try out different colors

Before painting the entire room, you need to test the paint colors that you want to use. However, you should be aware that the finish or color may look completely different on different sides of the room because of the lighting. Most interior painting companies in Orlando suggest using two coats of large swatches in a light corner and dark corner and look at them throughout the day.

Take a look at different colors you should consider using for interior paint work:

Pink – Pink is a beautiful color and is proven to bring in calming effect inside. For a smaller bedroom, use small amounts of pink color in a smaller bedroom. It would be a good interior color.

Blue – Most blue shades are considered as calming and widely chosen colors. When used throughout an entire room, some darker blues may seem overwhelming and make a person anxious. But some lighter blues can make a person feel a sense of cold, when you use them in the rooms with very little light.

Brown – Lighter brown colors give a more calming, earthy feeling to a home interior.

Red – Red is a fascinating color and can make you feeling excited, stimulated and energized. It works perfectly for interiors and must be used in moderation.

Bottom Line –

Choosing a color scheme can give your home a new look. To get the best paint results, you should consider hiring the Orlando painting company like Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. We are one of the best painting companies in Orlando guaranteeing you with a clean and hassle-free painting job. Please contact us today and get a free quote on interior paint work in Orlando!

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Use of Olive Green Color Paint for Living Room in Orlando FL

Green is a perfect color for any space; but the shade you choose makes a great difference. When it comes to painting a living room, there’s no color better than olive. Olive green is a beautiful color that really sparkles up a space; but keeps things properly sophisticated. The olive green is unique in the sense that it looks vibrant and has the warm, comfy feeling.

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Brighten up your living room with olive green paint color.

If you want neutral colored walls, you can paint them a brighter color of green that may seem like a little intense. But what makes green so exceptional is its color statement and neutral accent. This means, you will get to choose from a ton of options, when it comes to adding olive green to your living rooms with the Orlando painting company.

Painting Contractors Orlando Fl

Use olive green on accent walls.

Are you still not convinced for an all olive space? But you can still bring in a splash of color to your living room by considering olive green accent wall. You need to look around the living room and decide the wall that you want to be the focal point while walking inside.

This is one you should paint by the interior painting contractors in Orlando as your accent wall. In most situations, you need to go with a softer neutral color like creamy white, beige or brown.


Understanding the colors that go well with olive green walls

Green color pairs very well with both warm and cool tones that make it quite versatile option to go for. Olive green does well because of its earthy quality. If you want your space to make a bold statement, a shade of light olive green can be considered as an overall wall color in your living room. The palette you choose depends on the feel you want to bring out inside the room.

Soft Neutral Colors

When you combine olive green with beige, brown, cream and natural wood colors, it will give your room a stylish, modern vibe. This color scheme works with mid-century modern design. You can combine a lot of natural elements to create a sophisticated, perfectly-balanced looks and feels cozy and comfortable.

Dark Colors

Do you want to have a little more drama in your living room? If yes, you don’t need to go with soft neutrals. Olive green color and black combine beautifully together for bringing in more moody feeling inside.

If you feel black too heavy for your living room, you need to pair olive with a deep purple or navy blue color. These rich colors create an ultra-luxurious look for your living room. Rest assured that, it will spark lively conversation among your guests.

White Colors

For a classic color living room, try to keep things simple and combine olive green walls with crisp white color. This makes the green color stand out and ensures the lighter as well as airy space. The olive walls look beautiful when you pair it with white trim and tables, shelving and decorative accents. You should buy a plush sofa of neutral color like gray or soft brown. This way, you will get a room that seems like a fresh spring day.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to choosing interior painting contractors Orlando, nothing can beat the year’s long expertise and excellence of Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. Make the right choice of shades to ensure your living room looks stunning every aspect. For more information about the Orlando painting company, please visit our website at

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Use Lemon Yellow Color for Interior Paint Work in Orlando Fl

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Want inspirations for living spaces that bring in warmth and brightness? If yes, then you might be thinking right, especially for the middle of winter. In the mid winter, the shorter days leave you seeking for more sunshine throughout your life.

While you don’t have any control over weather or the way time works, you can create spaces the same sunshine-like vibes. But how do you do it? All you need to do is to hire interior painters in Orlando Fl and let them incorporate a little lemon yellow into your lives! 

Using Lemon Yellow for Painting Interior in Orlando Fl

Lemon yellow isn’t something that you’d call a subtle color and is ideal for rooms where you want to bring in lively and energetic vibes. This color is perfect for spaces that encourage conversations and interactions like the gathering spaces inside your home, such as living room, dining room and kitchen.

Though its’ bright, it can be bit stimulating for a bedroom. However, you can consider using it as an accent color in any space that’s meant to be more relaxing and comforting. The brighter shade of lemon yellow warms up a room instantly, which makes it right choice for spaces that tend to feel a bit darker during winter.

Most Orlando Fl painting contractors think that a touch of lemon in the interior can give you a feeling like you’re sitting in a sunshine-filled room even during the darkest hour. Though it’s bright, you may think that it’s limited in your choice for color palette. But in reality, that’s not the case. Yellow is quite versatile color and blends really well with a range of different colors.

Combining Lemon Yellow with Different Colors –

White –

If you want truly a classic look inside your home, nothing works better like crisp white. Again if you want to use lemon yellow paint, consider white accents on the trim and large furniture like tables or bookshelves.

Gray –

Apart from whites, gray shades complement the yellow beautifully and help you create a more modern look. In fact, a gray colored sofa will look amazing in a living room of yellow and white color. While choosing the shade, remember that both dark and light grays work very well with bright yellow color.

Blue –

Do you need more color inside your space? If yes, then nothing can beat the elegance of blue. Generally, darker blues like navy blue will help you tone down the intensity of yellow color. Even, a brighter shade of cobalt blue can pop when combined with lemon yellow.

Purple –

Purple color sits opposite of yellow on the color wheel and stands out a cool choice to add to your yellow palette. Though both colors seem quite bright, they complement each other perfectly by creating a beautiful contrast, especially when you go with a more muted purple shade.

But you need to make sure that you don’t over use both colors simultaneously. Instead, choose one as dominant and other as an accent. This way, both will work for your interior space effortlessly.

Bottom Line –

Do you really like the inspirational ideas for your interior paint? Or want to share your thoughts on going with lemon yellow? Please feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions in the comment section below! Again if you want help from professional interior painters in Orlando Fl, you should contact Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. Get in touch with our industry-best painting contractors in Orlando Fl over email or phone! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thursday, 22 August 2019

How To Choose Your Paint Color

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Painting the inside of your home begins with a tough choice: just what colors are you going to use? If you aren’t certain where to start, we’ve a few suggestions for you.

Begin with an existing piece:

When choosing paint colors, particularly interior palettes, the best route to take is finding an existing piece you truly love. This could be a beloved bedspread, a piece of art, or even a section of gorgeous natural wood. You can them employ this piece as a jumping off point: what colors match the piece the most? Which match it? Which will bring out its best characteristics? You now have so many shades to work with. If you’re working with a vacant home instead, look for a piece of inspiration online or in magazines that you can employ in an identical way.

Make use of the color wheel:

The color wheel is the best tool to find out what colors matches or contrast each other. It is an excellent tool to ensure that you don’t pick colors that look great in the moment, but actually clash or bring out the worst in each other. Even normal painting or renovation projects should use the color wheel to find productive options & avoid errors.

Go neutral, when in doubt:

Usually, neutral colors are better options for most indoor paint colors. That is because there’re always other things to grab attention inside the home: gorgeous countertops, carefully chosen furniture, murals, wood floors and so on. Neutral colors such as soft whites, grays, and creamy shades will improve these other aspects of your house without grabbing too much attention to themselves.

Don’t pick too many colors:

Bear in mind, many houses already have focal points like furniture or floor to draw the attention. Choosing too many colors for your home can make it feel really confused, cluttered and ultimately distasteful. The eye won’t know where to look! So stick to 2 or probably 3 colors in a specific area.

Still having issue making up your mind? That is absolutely normal – but we can help. Call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service – the best Orlando Painting Service. Get in touch with us now to get a color consultation. We will go through your needs and help you find a color scheme that is just perfect for your home. Call us at +1 (407) 679 0111!

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DIY Painting Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Painting is one of the best ways to freshen up your tired looking room. However, if you are thinking that this does not need some forethought & planning, you may discover yourself seeing a big mess instead of a room that look refreshed. Painting house is a serious job and if you don’t take the job seriously, it could cost you big in fixing things later.


Here are a few DIY painting mistakes that you’d like to avoid:

Fail to prepare:

Painting is quite easy, right? Just grab a container of your favorite color, a roller, few brushes and you are ready to go. Not quite like that! There are so many things involved than just splashing paint on the walls. Professional Orlando house painters know the value of proper preparation and usually spend more time in this initial phase of a painting project.

Using inferior or wrong tools:

For any job the right tools are important – and house painting is no exemption. Employing the incorrect brushes & you’ll be staring at smudges and spears. Using the best quality rollers and brushes will not just cover the walls better but also make the whole project easier to tackle.


Failing to prime the walls:

You must be wondering why priming the wall is so critical? The roll of primer is actually threefold:
  • It helps in filling flaws in the walls to offer you a flawless look
  • It offers the new coat of paint an excellent surface to stick to
  • It helps bring out the new color
While most modern paints these days include primer, be certain to make use of a separate primer for new walls that has never been painted or surfaces such as concrete or wood. Or else, you may discover yourself applying multiple coats.

Brush dunking:

This is a widespread mistake that wastes paint & makes the job messier: improper brush dunking. A simple sip is all you need to get good coverage that is easy to use.

Not sure where to start? Call Steve Johnson’s Painting Service today! Our crew of expert Orlando house painters are ready to offer your house the new-look you are after without the annoyance of handling the job yourself. We work with homeowners to implement their interior painting ideas, interior color schemes, and interior painting cost. To get a paining quote now, feel free to contact us on +1 (407) 679 0111.

Friday, 5 July 2019

How Often Should I Paint My House Interior

Painting the interior of your home can be huge ask, particularly if you decide to do it all at once. As a leading Orlando painting company we often get asked by our customers, how often they should repaint the interior of their home? Well, the answer actually varies from one room to another.
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Most bedrooms for adults won’t have to be painted as frequently since they are not usually the most used rooms in the home. They are not high traffic areas, and due to this, the paint job can generally last five years or more.
However, kids’ rooms are a different story as they encounter a lot more actions than their adult rooms. With all the activities going around, the walls are more likely to get dirty during playtime. Even with a durable paint, you may have to repaint your kids’ bedroom in 3 to 4 years or may be sooner.
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Living Room & Dining Room:
A formal living room or dining room does not generally get used very often, so the paint is likely to last a bit longer than in other rooms. Also, these rooms are likely to have more furnishing, which naturally act as a cushion & stops people from touching the walls. It is more likely that you want to repaint these spaces because you feel like it is time to change the look of your space. On average, these space can go anywhere from five to seven years, or probably longer.
Kitchen walls are likely to get filthy more easily – grease, cooking splatters, and food prep often mean you’ve to wash the walls more frequently, which can reduce the longevity of your paint. Even with the most durable paint finishes, kitchens needs to be painted more often in comparison to other rooms in your house. On average, you have to repaint them every 3 to 4 years.
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Like Kitchen bathrooms also used quite regularly. Again, you are likely to have people touching the walls a bit more frequently, particularly in a smaller bathroom. However, the main culprit behind bathroom wall discoloration is humidity & moisture. You will generally have to repaint your bathroom in every 3-4 years.
Looking for an interior painting contractor in Orlando to give your home a complete makeover? Look no further than Steve Johnson’s Painting Service. To get an estimate, call us on +1(407) 679 0111.